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We bring you dishes that are full of flavors from different regions, guaranteed to bring you enchanting enjoyment.

If you don't eat properly, how can you think, love and rest properly, Drunk is voluntary madness. Greed is not a bad thing, gluttony is to show support for the cook. Just eat it for a healthy life. Then when fat freely gain weight. Never argue at the dinner table. Because the person who is not hungry always wins.

Water flows and rocks wear away, Saigon beer is never lacking

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I know that I will be fat when I eat, but I tell my heart, I won't love anyone anyway. Parents give me money to study, if I can't learn, I'll just try to eat. Enemies kill each other with bombs and bullets. Don't kill your friends by drinking by eating. Eating without fear is only harmful to the stomach. I just want two things: Losing weight and eating. Looking up at the sky, I hate to starve. Life is stormy, dog meat. is longevity.In wine, we find wisdom. In beer, we see strength. In filtered water, we detect bacteria, and in the end, in eating and drinking, we find joy. Saving is the national policy, and eating is kumquat. Eat first, everything else counts later. There is a kind of loss. selective memory: After all, have you eaten today?

It is a blessing to be able to eat and drink. For many people who can eat what they like, drinking the water they love is the best thing for them. They always optimistically think that: "who knows what tomorrow will bring, but we have to suffer, do things that we don't like".
Ăn được, uống được là phúc. Với nhiều người được ăn món mình thích, uống nước mà mình yêu là điều tuyệt nhất với họ. Họ luôn lạc quan suy nghĩ rằng: "đâu biết ngày mai ra sao mà chúng ta phải đau khổ, làm điều mà mình không thích".

- Annie Brannson



Going for a day, lost 10 thousand money for rice. Eating without fear is only harmful to the stomach. Money is first, food is second, because there is no money, there will be no food. , eat and then get up like before. Looking up at the sky, hate the life of starving. Wine is made from rice. We are here to drink and eat. Water flowing ice wears away Saigon beer never without…

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Cold autumn night, hungry stomach meow.

A tiny noodles shrink wrapping.

Cook water, add onions, mix lemon and chili.

Noodles momentarily went crooked.

It was not late at night.

Add the package of crab noodle cooked next.

The pillow rests on the lap of the lap.

Wish I had a plate of banh beo.


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